Datacable is a Czech share holders company, headquarters based in Prague, focused on computer environment supplies, UPS supplies and services, computer services, call centre consultancy and training. The company is ISO 9001 certified. 

Computer services deliveries computer and network services and maintenance. The company works with local computer equipment suppliers. Mainly basic and advanced services for computer users are supplied. Focus on PC equipment, servers, peripherals (printers and monitors). Passive network measurement, network utilisation, remote monitoring, active equipment services and maintenance are the main services supplied.

Call centre - soft skills training for telephone operators, supervisors and call centre management, including work flow design and consultancy.

Data centre on key delivery project management. Datacable supplies all technology for data centres - power network, power backup (UPS and motorgenerators), air-condition, double floor, false ceiling, lights, security, fire protection and structured cabling. Structured cabling and data active equipment supplies. Universal fibre and metallic cabling systems for data, voice and video transmission specified by international standards.

Contact address:
Na Strži 1702/65
140 00 Praha 4 Czech Republic
Telephone: 420 602 770 927
E- mail: